Monday, August 21, 2006

Kroll Ontrack® Launches Ontrack® Inview™ 5.0 to Reinvent Electronic Disclosure in the U.K.

Proven, award-winning document review technology is combined with cutting edge topic review functionalities to create the industry’s fastest and most powerful review tool; cutting costs, time and improving accuracy for legal review teams.

LONDON – 22 August 2006 – Kroll Ontrack® today announced the U.K. launch of Ontrack® Inview™ 5.0, a state-of-the-art online repository giving legal document review teams the most sophisticated and comprehensive menu of technology features available today. As the industry’s largest provider of electronic and paper-based document disclosure, and computer forensic services, Kroll Ontrack is now giving legal teams even more control, flexibility and cost control through state-of-the-art topic review technology.

Document review teams familiar with Kroll Ontrack’s ElectronicDataViewer™ features will find the same easy-to-use online interface to review both electronic and paper documents in one, case-dedicated database but now with topic review and improved features. Ontrack Inview integrates cutting edge proprietary topic review technology with established workflows providing the best of both worlds of topic document clustering and clear and familiar document review workflow.

“We are thrilled to bring Ontrack Inview to the market and are confident the technology we have created will effectively reinvent electronic disclosure and online review, saving our clients critical time and money in the legal review of important evidentiary documents” said Martin Carey, Managing Director of Legal Technologies at Kroll Ontrack in the U.K.

“Topic review capabilities not only make the review process flow faster and more logical, but also increases the speed and accuracy of the decisions that individuals make with respect to document treatment because like documents are automatically grouped together,” Carey said. “Our proprietary topic review technology is by far the most sophisticated in the industry and along with new and improved features, Ontrack Inview places an unprecedented amount of control into the hands of the legal team. Our clients have said they want to work in one tool that allows them to utilise features such as filtering, de-duplication, tiff promotion on-the-fly, redacting and concept search, along with the breakthrough capabilities of topic review for both electronic and paper documents. Ontrack Inview enables them to do this and is the clear choice for any legal or regulatory review project. ”

Ontrack Inview’s topic review functionality will help improve the speed and accuracy of review, as well as aid cost control by providing:

• Data assessment – Ontrack Inview gives legal teams a better understanding of the data set prior to assigning documents for legal review. It can also allow legal teams to begin forming a legal strategy by learning even more about their case prior to ever reviewing a document.

• Review workflow – Improving the workflow of a document review project allows lawyers to triage the topic groupings and assign topics to reviewers based on their skills. For instance, documents containing privileged topics can be reviewed by the designated privilege team, while documents containing potentially non-relevant topics can be reviewed by temporary or contract review staff.

• Prioritisation – By organising the document review based on topic priority and significance to the case, legal teams are able to handle important documents earlier in the process; giving them a strategic advantage by understanding and processing the most important documents first. They can also assign categories of documents to the appropriate level of reviewer based on their experience and involvement in the case.

• Categorisation – Ontrack Inview has the capability to categorise documents in a logical way that allows for decisions on relevance and privilege to be made more quickly and accurately based on the topical contents of a group of documents. Some data sets can be mass categorised to enhance the accuracy and speed even further.

The launch of Ontrack Inview is a global deployment with availability in both the United States and United Kingdom. Clients around the globe will be able to use Ontrack Inview with new projects in the U.S. from 11th August and in the U.K. from 18th August. More information about Ontrack Inview can be found on the Web at

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