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A quarter of UK employees lose work due to malfunctioning technology

Epsom – 5 February 2014 – Research1 from data recovery specialists, Kroll Ontrack, highlights that over a 12-month period from 2013 to 2014 one in four workers (25 per cent) have lost work data due to malfunction or corruption of technology. This is up from 19 per cent just over two years ago2.

Kroll Ontrack advises that this could have serious consequences for organisations that are unprepared for data disaster as the research highlights that 68 per cent of work data lost from devices was recovered in the last 12 months, meaning that almost a third of all work related data lost was irrecoverable.

Paul Le Messurier, Programme and Operations Manager at Kroll Ontrack commented: “The business environment is now, more than ever, data driven and digital first. It is therefore extremely alarming that data loss is on the up.

“If we see this trend continue to build, there is a risk that we will continue to see large scale data disasters as well as negative impacts on the provision of service level agreements to customers. Organisations must prepare for potential data disasters by developing a robust business continuity plan that includes a back-up plan, education for employees and a data disaster strategy if all else fails.”

Additional findings by Kroll Ontrack highlighted that one in three UK employees (33 per cent) used personal devices or cloud services to store work-related data in the last 12 months. Recovery rates of lost work-related data among these devices are low. One in five users successfully recovered from home desktops (19 per cent), just eight per cent from personal mobile devices and 17 per cent from laptops and tablets.

Le Messurier continued: “With the rise of BYOD the lines between personal and work-related data are being blurred. As such, organisations have to take extra considerations when devising a disaster recovery plan. This includes a full audit of what devices are holding work-related data and ensuring that these devices are being used responsibly. It is also important that businesses understand what data is critical on the device and what is not to ensure that only work related data is backed up to company servers – ignoring personal apps and music.”

1 ICM interviewed 1,151 UK employees between 18th and 20th July 2014
2 ICM interviewed 1,152 UK employees between 10th and 12th August 2012

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